1. Azli (Prelude)

  2. Chahiye
    Rebel 7

  3. Back On Page

  4. Keef
    Straight Outta Srinagar [SOS]

  5. BeMe
    Jelo,Zero Chill

  6. Kartab
    Ft. IKKA (Prod. Zero Chill)

  7. Demon

  8. Tabsur
    Ali Saffudin

  9. Welcome To The Westside
    Jelo, Zero Chill

  10. USTAAD
    Ahmer x Zero Chill

  11. Hoshiyaar
    Ahmer X Enkore

  12. Hardcore Paiyyan

  13. Subhik Waav
    Ali Saffudin, Noor Mohammad

  14. Salaam

  15. Kaalai EP

  16. 'न' (Mixtape)
    Seedhe Maut

  17. Srinagar Anthem
    SOS, Ahmer

  18. La Llorona

  19. Saladin

  20. Nanchaku
    Seedhe Maut Ft. MC STAN

  21. I.D. (Prod By Lacuna)

  22. Anti Freestyle

  23. Dal Sessions
    Ali Saffudin

  24. Naamcheen
    Seedhe Maut

  25. Brian O' Conner
    Tienas, GHZI PUR

  26. Alamgaar
    Ahmer, SOS, Aniket Raturi, Dakait

  27. Sar Utha (Prod. Zero Chill)
    Seedhe Maut

  28. Czawul
    SOS, Prxphecy

  29. Tabia
    Prabh Deep

  30. Namastute
    Seedhe Maut

  31. Ateet
    Prabh Deep

  32. Reham Karain
    Ali Saffudin

  33. Sholay
    Naezy, MC Mawali, Karan Kanchan

  34. No Enema
    Seedhe Maut, Foreign Beggars, Sez On The Beat

  35. Badhte kadam

  36. Bahas

  37. Tanaza
    Ahmer, Tufail, Zero Chill

  38. A Song To Die
    Tienas, Specter, GHZI PUR

  39. Shambhar Bars
    Swadesi Ft. MC Mawali, BamBoy, Robston Soares

  40. Dum Pishaach
    Seedhe Maut, Karan Kanchan

  41. Plandemic

  42. Sound of Resistance Vol. I

  43. Chitta
    Prabh Deep

  44. Zor (Ft. Delhi Sultanate)
    Ahmer, Delhi Sultanate

  45. Season Pass

  46. Mahamaari

  47. Ball
    Seedhe Maut

  48. Pandemic
    Prabh Deep

  49. MMM
    Seedhe Maut x Sez On The Beat

  50. Yaad
    Seedhe Maut

  51. Chetavni

  52. Ghazi

  53. FLY
    Prabh Deep

  54. Exes & Whys

  55. Tofa
    Prabh Deep

  56. Inqalab (Mixtape)

  57. 101
    Seedhe Maut

  58. K I N G
    Prabh Deep

  59. Little Kid, Big Dreams
    Ahmer, Sez On The Beat

  60. O

  61. Mama Mia
    Naezy, Sez On The Beat

  62. Kala
    Prabh Deep ft Hashbass

  63. Khulle Naagde
    Bandish Projekt, Swadesi

  64. Maya (feat. Hashbass & Archit Anand)
    Prabh Deep

  65. Maya
    Prabh Deep

  66. SSSO x AZR EP1 : Women's Day Special

  67. K.O. (Prod Sez On The Beat)
    Prabh Deep

  68. Warli Revolt (Ft. Prakash Bhoir)

  69. Kranti (Prod. Sez On The Beat)
    Seedhe Maut

  70. Bayaan
    Seedhe Maut

  71. Shaktimaan
    Seedhe Maut

  72. Vekhi Ja
    Prabh Deep

  73. Unavailable

  74. I. BIRDS
    Sid Vashi

  75. Class-Sikh Maut Vol. II
    Prabh Deep, Seedhe Maut and Sez on the Beat

  76. Class-Sikh
    Prabh Deep

  77. Dosh
    Prabh Deep


Azadi Records India

Azadi Records is a Delhi-based independent record label.

Established in 2017, the label seeks to provide a platform for South Asian artists to release forward-thinking, politically conscious music that critically engages with (and comments on) the pressing issues of our time.

We are the label of the culturally conscious. The creators of stories.
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